LINE UP 2019

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Candy Dulfer & Dulfer Band

Saxophonist Candy Dulfer needs no introduction. She started her own band when she was 13 years old and has been playing all over the world ever since. She shared the stage with Dave Stuart and of course the legendary Prince with whom she toured and played on his albums for many years. She collaborated with big names in music. Van Morrison, Maceo Parker, Sheila E., Mavis Staples, Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Pink Floyd, Chaka Khan and even Aretha Franklin. But Candy mainly stayed herself and she will tell us how fantastic that sounds, during the opening night of MusicDistillery! Together with her father Hans and all those other boys in the band!


Cyril Directie (drums & special effects), Eric Barkman (bass),

Jerome Hol (guitar), Jan van Duikeren (trompet), Hans Dulfer (saxophone) and Candy Dulfer (saxophone & vocals).

Friday 11 October 2019 | Following opening - 22.30 hrs | main stage

The Streetbeat Empire

The Streetbeat Empire robs you of your fear of dancing! They take you on a steam train to old New Orleans. With their razor-sharp, acoustic sound you can imagine yourself in the streets of New Orleans.


Hot jazz, Afrobeat and more. Gather your fellow fighters and dance to the voodoo-soaked grooves of The Streetbeat Empire!

Alex Siegers (voodoo vocals), Coen Kaldeway (saxophone), Tim Kerssies (melodica), Wouter Poot (guitar), Joost Verbraak (sousaphone) and

Michiel Buijsse (drums).

Friday 11 October 2019 | 17.00 - 20.00 hrs | Around Ketel Kitchen​

Let's be Gypsies

Think Peaky Blinders, smell cigar smoke and spirits, a shady nightclub atmosphere. Stark gypsies dressed in tight suits, hidden under such a good hat. Let's Be Gypsies comes in XL format! MTM hornsection joins the collective! An instant Hot Club feeling, that's what Let’s be Gypsies knows how to give! Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli, the Rosenberg Trio, the unmistakable "La Pompe", they play the pearls from the Gypsy Jazz. Together with The Streetbeat Empire they turn it into a big spectacle.

Erik Koning (violin and vocals), Roy de Rijke (solo guitar and vocals), Mike van Leeuwen (percussion guitar), Ton Voskuilen (bass), Max Groenen (trumpet), Fenna Volmer (saxophone), Ruben van der Kleij (trombone) and Michiel Buijsse (drums).

Friday 11 October 2019 | 17.00 - 20.00 hrs | around Ketel Kitchen  

Duo Dulfer & Directie

Hans Dulfer is one of Holland's most versatile and highly acclaimed musicians. He has been sharing his love of music with others all his life. Whether he plays in a sold-out concert hall in Japan or in a youth club in a deprived neighborhood, Hans Dulfer shows what music does to people.

Cyril Directie has been a side-man for Hans Dulfer and one of Holland's most wanted drummers for almost two decades. Directie works with many Dutch and international artists. Cyril is also a producer. We are proud to have Duo Dulfer & Directie on the eve of Dulfer's 80th birthday on the MusicDistillery stage!


Hans Dulfer (saxophone) and Cyril Directie (drums & electronics)

Friday 11 October 2019 | Opening 20.00 hrs | main stage


Wouter Kiers Band

Tenor saxophonist Wouter Kiers is a well-known and striking appearance in the Dutch music world. Kiers works and has worked with a huge number of bands and always keeps his own bands, with which he manages to create an energetic mix of jazz, blues, funk and rock 'n' roll. His most famous bands are "Kiers & de Vries" (1998 - 2005) and of course "Blood Sweat & Kiers" (2005 - 2015). In the summer of 2015, during his hot steaming ‘Sax on the Beach’ sessions in The Hague, a brand new formation emerged. With jazz and blues guitarist / singer Toine Scholten, veteran (Kiers & de Vries), Robin Koerts on bass guitar and one of Holland's top drummers Satindra Kalpoe (including Anouk and Relax), Kiers has once again put together a crackling and versatile formation. Experience it at MusicDistillery 2019!


Wouter Kiers (saxophone), Satindra Kalpoe (drums), Toine Scholten (guitar, vocals) and Robin Koerts (bass).

Friday 11 October | 23.00 - 00.00 hrs | main stage

Thank God it's Donna!

A tribute to Donna Summer with Gare du Nord

starring Carolina Dijkhuizen

The Queen of Disco is back! Bad Girls, MacArthur Park, Hot Stuff, Could It Be Magic, I Feel Love, Love To Love You Baby, Last Dance … Gare du Nord and Carolina Dijkhuizen are completely crazy about Donna Summer and bring all her legendary dance classics in a dazzling live show that revives the 70's and 80's disco parties. Carolina does not only sing like the Queen of Disco; she also shows a striking resemblance to her idol. You can't get any closer to Donna!

After studying singing at the Conservatory in Groningen, Carolina Dijkhuizen won her first major lead role in the musical Aida. She then played in The Lion King, Bubbling Brown Sugar, The Soul of Motown II, Sister Act, Dreamgirls and The Bodyguard. In 2018 she excelled in the music production Oldskool R&B with John Williams. Together with Gare du Nord, she now pays tribute to her idol Donna Summer. Gare du Nord debuted with the hit Pablo's Blues and the album (in search of) Excellounge. The band was the only Dutch jazz band to sign a record deal with the New York Blue Note label and broke through with the album Sex 'n' Jazz to the general public. Sex 'n' Jazz was in the Album Top 100 for 98 weeks and with a triple platinum award it is the most sold jazz album in the Netherlands to date. The band has been playing for full halls for ten years. This year the band is therefore deviating from its busy tour schedule for "Thank God it’s Donna!"

Saturday 12 October 2019 | 21.30 - 22.45 hrs | main stage

DJ Cross ‘ The One and Only’  Legendary Full Force Flashback Flight 

DJ Cross determined the musical taste of a generation. In 2006, he was even named the most influential person in the Dutch music industry by Nieuwe Revu. In 1995 Lex Harding asked him to set up The Music Factory musically. After TMF was taken over by MTV Networks in 2001, DJ Cross became head of music for TMF, MTV, The Box. The musical centipede was also a member of the EDISONS POP jury for many years and active as a DJ.

Between 1994 and 2006 he was a sidekick, deejay and curator of the Dance Department program on Radio 538, he was a resident DJ in Rotterdam's Gay Palace, played in Amsterdam's Escape Club and had his own club night in KREMLIN. In addition, Cross would raise the roof in clubs such as Pacha Ibiza and Amnesia and at festivals such as Dance Valley and MysteryLand. Cross goes where the music takes him and that brings him to MusicDistillery!


He has prepared a set especially for MusicDistillery; Full Force through the musical past. A tribute to the period that the current dance scene has formed. A feast of recognition and a tribute to musical heroes such as Giorgio Moroder, Sylvester and Ben Liebrand. A mix of the real house underground classics, 80s, 90s, high energy disco and Italo. Music with feeling from a period that we never get tired of and that we again long for. With his set he quickly takes control of the heads and bodies of his audience on the dance floor. DJ Cross is a DJ that we rarely see and hear anymore.

Go underground and check in at DJ Cross’ Legendary Full Force Flashback Flight @MUSICDISTILLERY.

Saturday 12 October 2019 | 23.00 - 00.30 hrs | main stage

ABC Chospel choir

Exciting motown, soul classics and gospel. When the seven singers of ABC Gospel Choir start singing, it is impossible to sit still. Their energy, beautiful voices and sense of rhythm takes everyone to another world. Far away from the issues of the day. They sang with Berget Lewis, Brandon Delagraentiss, Guus Meeuwis, Leela James, Michelle David, Shirma Rouse, Solomon Burke, the 3 J’s and Tania Kross. But with us they go for vocals only. You do not want to miss this!


Clover Jean (vocals), Dorytha Pang-Atjok (vocals), Grace Filemon (vocals), Grace Teters (vocals), Melvine Telussa (vocals), Serena Koster (vocals) and Yvette Eé (vocals).

Saturday 12 October 2019 | 17.00 - 20.00 hrs | around Ketel Kitchen

Etuk Ubong + The Etuk Philosophy

Etuk Ubong is the fast rising star of Nigeria. And the English music scene has discovered this fantastic trumpet player as well. MusicDistillery is more than happy with the arrival of Etuk Ubong + The Etuk Philosophy. We are also convinced that we will hear a lot more from him! Ubong grew up in Lagos and luckily his mother encouraged him to play the trumpet at the age of 14. Not bad advice because soon after Etuk he started working with famous African musicians like Seun Kuti and Dele Sosimi. He is inspired by music streams such as jazz, afrobeat, highlife and ekombie. Etuk calls his own music ‘Earth Music’, because he also incorporates the sounds of water, wind and fire in his compositions in which he expresses his philosophy of life. Start the soul & funk Saturday at MusicDistillery well with the exciting and inspiring African rhythms of Etuk Ubong.


Etuk Ubong (trumpet) will be accompanied by national and international musicians.

Saturday 12 October 2019 | 20.00 - 21.00 hrs | main stage


Ellen ten Damme

The lucky ones who attended the first edition of MusicDistillery know only too well what kind of a multi-talent Ellen ten Damme is! After the great success of the show ‘Paris-Berlin', a sequel, with all new songs, was expected. We are therefore delighted that she has made time for MusicDistillery 2019 during her extremely busy theater tour. This time, Ten Damme goes even further south, with Paris as the starting point for a musically stimulating journey. Exotic, exciting encounters on the way to Casablanca yield the most beautiful French songs. Whether she will ever arrive is questionable. The big desert is advancing, the gas is running out and Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman have also left Casablanca a long time ago. Together with her super band, top entertainer Ellen ten Damme brings a musical ode to the chansonniers and entertainers of the last century, topped with a touch of mysticism from ancient cultures. With music by Charles Aznavour, Francoise Hardy, Edith Piaf, but also Natacha Atlas, Fairuz, Indila, Rammstein and Josephine Baker.


Ellen ten Damme (vocals), Thijs Cuppen (piano), Guus Bakker (bass) and Arthur Lijten (drums).

Sunday 13 October 2019 | 14.00 - 15.00 hrs | main stage


From Pinkpop to Java Jazz festival; Massada has been touring the world for over 40 years. The legendary Latin rock band from band leader Johnny Manuhutu shines just like it did in the early years. They have been on MusicDistillery's wish list for a while and now the time has finally come. Massada closes the third edition of MusicDistillery with a concert that will be talked about for a long time to come! Because what they bring is passion and a  party. Music based on the Moluccan mother culture and a combination of Western musical instruments, South American rhythms and Eastern temperament.


Johnny Manuhutu (lead vocals), Rudy de Queljoe (guitar) Jopie Manuhutu (timbales), Jan Jermias (guitar), James Sabandar (bass), Freddy Anindjola (piano), Daniël Bloem-Beretty (congas) and Alvin Manuhuwa (drums).

Sunday 13 October 2019 | 17.00 - 18.30 hrs | main stage

Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes

Last year he recorded his album ‘Vincent Houdijk & Vinnievibes live at the North Sea Jazz festival’ during his great performance at North Sea Jazz. This year he is at MusicDistillery with his musical journey around the world. Vibraphonist Vincent Houdijk has been named one of Holland's most promising jazz musicians and has collaborated with Wouter Hamel, Kyteman, Eric Vloeimans, Mathilde Santing, Bart Wirtz, Sean Jones, Metropole Orchestra and Amik Guerra. His band Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes is intense, dynamic and irresistible. Vincent gets his inspiration from everywhere, from pop and minimal music to world and jazz, and creates a personal, contemporary musical story with a great sense of harmony, melody and swing. Come listen and immerse yourself in his story, in VinnieVibes.


Vincent Houdijk (vibraphone),Jasper van Damme (saxophone), Gerson Raams (guitar), Sven Happel (bass) and Haye Jellema (drums).

Sunday 13 October 2019 | 15.30 - 16.30 hrs | main stage

Schiedams Trots

Schiedam has many musicians among its residents. That's why MusicDistillery opens its doors wide for Schiedam Musicians! Accompanied by drummer Kees van Krugten, who played for instance with the Livin 'Blues and Herman Brood for years, Schiedam will be showing off. With their sounds they pay tribute to MusicDistillery.

Rob op 't Ende (bass), Cor Roosloot (vocals), John Snijders (guitar\vocals) and Kees van Krugten (drums).

Sunday 13 October 2013 | 13.00 - 14.00 hrs | around Ketel Kitchen

Hosted by MC Piper

MC Piper is one of the most sort after Master of Ceremonies on Bourbon St in the renowned French Quarters of New Orleans, LA. He commands the stage and captivates his audience, with his singing, dancing and comedy acts creating a night the audience will never forget. MC Piper has hosted for entertainers such as Blues favorites Marva Wright and ‘Braille Blues Daddy’ Bryan Lee. In fact, it was Bryan Lee who gave him the title, “Mouth of the South”. Growing up on the south side of Chicago during his early childhood years and Louisiana the other half MC Piper always had an appreciation for the performing arts. William Piper is not only a talented MC but an amazing recording artist, songwriter and actor.