LINE UP 2017

The first edition of the festival was held under the name 'JazzDistillery' and took place at the Doeleplein in the historic city center of Schiedam. Click here for an impression.

Tjindjara Metschendorp & West Coast Big Band


Tjindjara Metschendorp has been singing and dancing since the day she could walk. Entertaining is in her blood! As everyone who heard Tjindjara as Rachel Marron in musical The Bodyguard and The Voice of Holland will agree. Earlier she sang like an angel in Dreamgirls and as a dancer she shared the stage with big stars like Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. At JazzDistillery, Tjindjara Metschendorp opened The Ultimate Music Weekend together with the award-winning West Coast Big Band. The arrangements that they have performed, gave the visitors goose bumps. It was a first, because never before had the West Coast Big Band and Tjindjara Metschendorp performed together.





West Coast Big Band


The very first concert of Jazzpodium Waterweg was in September 2007 with the West Coast Big Band. That is why this big band, which has been playing great jazz for 40 years, could not be missed during our anniversary! The top musicians accompanied by Nils van Haften (including Clazz Ensemble and Metropole Orchestra), won numerous prizes and won in 2016 (first class) and in 2017 (top class) the International Big Band Competition. They bring beautiful pieces from the big band tradition (think Count Basie, Bill Holman, John Clayton, Duke Ellington and Thad Jones) and as accompaniment band they worked with big names from the Dutch jazz scene like Greetje Kauffeld. At JazzDistillery they shared the stage with the promising Tjindjara Metschendorp. An opening concert in which their arrangements pleasantly surprised the audience.







The Surinamese keyboard player Erik Ritfeld previously worked with Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Aston Barrett (Bob Marly), Reggie Washington, Ronald Snijders and the hiphop reggae group Postmen. With his trio Unit he explores another musical universe. Together with drummer Greg Smith and bassist Maciej Domaradzki, he explores the boundaries of hip hop, jazz, afro, and classical music: a musical line that traverses both African rhythms and futuristic soundscapes.





Kit & Jo Morgan


Like father like daughter. From the moment the English Kit Morgan discovered his guitar, music was his world. At age thirteen he played in bands in North London and when he was seventeen he did his first tour with pop star Billy J. Kramer. Guys & Dolls, Wall Street Crash, Lulu, Lenny Henry and Ian Anderson are other names with whom he played for many years. His last worldwide tour was with the fabulous violinist Vanessa Mae. He is also one of the most demanded session musicians and much of his guitar work can be heard under TV programs such as on the Discovery Channel. At Jazzpodium Waterweg he was previously heard as guitarist of Chris Jagger. This time he accompanied his musical daughter Jo. She sang from Amy Winehouse to Marvin Gaye and Joni Mitchell.





Boris van der Lek Egon Verhoeven Band


Those who know the Boris van der Lek | Knowing Egon Verhoeven Band, know that the dance floor is full. And so it was during JazzDistillery 2017. 'The Chicken' by Zawinuls, 'Jean Pierre' by Miles Davis, 'Octopus E-Funk', 'Mercy, Mercy', 'Put it where you want it'. They play it as if their life depends on it. Boris van der Lek we all know from the bands of Herman Brood and Hans Dulfer, but the saxophonist also played with Buddy Tate and Arnett Cobb. Guitarist Egon Verhoeven played in the soul formation Free at the end of the sixties, later with Dulfer, with Peewee Ellis, Jeff Lorber, the Cast and keyboardist Lino Vishnudatt with Rosa King, Sue Chaloner and The Frog. Superbassist Lené in Voortwis (Batida, Boudewijn de Groot) and last but not least our own Schiedam drummer Kees van Krugten (Livin Blues) completed the band.





DJ Maestro


Martijn Barkhuis is a musical centipede who started playing the violin as a child. He soon performed with orchestras and broadened his musical knowledge during his study time with the phenomenon jazz & radio. In Amsterdam clubs such as Roxy, Escape and Paradiso, as a DJ Maestro, he introduced the general public to his love of classical, jazz and club music. Today he is a welcome guest in the European clubs and tours in Asia, Australia and Africa. He made nine platinum-winning albums for the legendary Blue Note Records, remixed Nina Simone's debut album Little Girl Blue and produced two albums for Verve / Universal. What else should we say? We are proud to have Martijn Barkhuis, aka DJ Maestro, during JazzDistillery 2017 as a festival DJ for the weekend!





Frank in Person


Even Cliff Stark, Sinatra's former trombonist in Las Vegas, said about Frank in Person: "This Dutch singer is amazing! That's as close as anyone else I've heard! "Frank in Person performed with his impressive accompaniment combo 'The Skyline Orchestra' consisting of bandleader Arie Kuit (alto saxophone), Marcellino Vishnudatt (piano), Vincent Kuiper (bass) and Niek van Wiggen (drums).





Trio Winter-Wines-Larsen


They are not only jazz musicians, but also a friends for years and years. Independently René Winter (drums), Bob Wijnen (Hammond organ) and Jens Larsen (guitar) play in well-known jazz bands. Bob Wijnen plays with all the big names in the jazz world and recently recorded a great new CD in New York, namely NYC Unforseen with, among others, Peter Bernstein. Jens Larsen (DK) plays with his band Traeben in Europe and recently released a new album: TRÆBEN - Looking at the storm. Jens is also endorsed by Ibanez guitars International. And of course, we all know René Winter from Tiny Little Bigband and as a former board member of Jazzpodium Waterweg! It was a breathtaking concert by these three musical friends.





Funky Organizers


During their Funky Summer tour in 2016 they played at the Young Art Festival, Otis Park and in the support for Earth, Wind & Fire. The shows from Funky Organizers are musical, energetic and interactive! The seven band members are still very young, but already have so much experience and charisma. They have in common that they all come from a musical nest where making music is life's number 1. No covers. Only own work. From a jam or just because one of them comes up with an idea. The result is thick grooves, old school and urban funk! The energy just explodes. We at JazzDistillery believe that they will be world famous in no time. We will hear a lot from them: Zep Barnasconi (bandleader, producer and drummer), Willem 't Hart (keys), Gijs van Oosterhout (saxophonist and arranger), Bram' t Hart (bass player), Jermaine Berkhoudt (MC / rapper ), Filip Schrijver (guitar) and last but not least singer Lady Shaynah. The chemistry of these seven race musicians is bubbling, buzzing.







They are evenly matched: Joris Lutz (vocals and guitar), Iwan de Reus (guitar) and drummer Elian van Buuren. On stage they are inspired by each other's talents and there is really no song they do not play with T-Bone. Joris we know from, among others, BakkerLutz, VOF de Kunst, Gruppo Sportivo and the ladies from Bombita's XL. Guitar virtuoso Iwan de Reus played with Womack & Womack, Rosenberg Trio, Brainfreeze and Nasty to name but a few. The still very young but also very talented Elian (nephew of Armin) van Buuren completes the trio.





Dulfer Jazz


He does not shy away from new influences, is averse to straitjackets and is timelessly popular. Hans Dulfer makes his own sound. Dulfer played his first tenor sax in the mid-fifties. He never stopped doing that again. His encyclopedic knowledge of jazz and boundless energy guarantee a quirky piece of music. He can count many international heroes as his music friends and always has an unadulterated opinion. But he becomes silent about music. He shares that love of music with others all his life. Whether he plays in a sold-out concert hall in Japan, or in a youth center in a deprived area, Hans Dulfer shows and sees what music does to people. Bass player Eric Barkman has played in his band since 1997. Guitarist Jerôme does that for many years. After studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory, he left for New York to play with guitar heroes like Wayne Krantz and Hiram Bullock, touring with big names, but put his teeth in the string work of the Dulfer band. Gijs Dijkhuizen played with Benny Golson and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, toured with dr. Lonnie Smith and performed with, among others, Michael Brecker, Georgie Fame, Deborah Brown, Herb Geller, Ferdinand Povel and Rita Reys. And Rob van der Wouw played before he graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatoire in New York's Carnegie Hall. Together with Louk Boudesteijn he founded the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra in 2004.

Wouter Kiers Band

Tenor saxophonist Wouter Kiers is a well-known and striking appearance in the Dutch music world. Kiers works and has worked with a huge number of bands and always keeps his own bands, with which he manages to create an energetic mix of jazz, blues, funk and rock 'n' roll. His most famous bands are 'Kiers & de Vries' (1998 - 2005) and of course 'Blood Sweat & Kiers' (2005 - 2015). In the summer of 2015, a fresh new formation was created during his hot steaming 'Sax on the Beach' sessions in The Hague. With jazz and blues guitarist / singer Toine Scholten, veteran (Kiers & de Vries) Robin Koerts on bass guitar and one of Holland's top drummers Satindra Kalpoe (including Anouk and Relax), Kiers has again put together a crackling and versatile formation. The performances in which Kiers leaves his ripping and loaded tenor saxophone loud and clearly present, you will not forget soon! Likewise the performance at JazzDistillery 2017 is not.





Joseph Bowie


Joseph Bowie grew up in the American Saint Louis in the early fifties. As son of music teacher William Lester Bowie and music lover Earxie Bowie, he did not escape a musical education! Inspired by the daily rehearsals of his nine-year-old brother Byron, who grew to become a well-known saxophonist and arranger, and his twelve-year-old brother and later internationally renowned jazz trumpet player Lester, Joseph strengthened the horn section within the trombone family. At the age of seventeen, Bowie left for Paris with Oliver Lake B.A.G (Black Artist Group), where his first international tour began. The city also where in those days he played together with jazz greats like Alan Silva, Frank Wright and Bobby Few. Although he was raised with jazz and blues, in 1978 he started working in New York with punk / funk artist James Chance. In the same year Bowie's band Defunkt was born. Sly and the family Stone, Blondie, The Ramones, David Byrne, Miles Davis, David Bowie, Living Color and Red Hot Chili Peppers are names by whom Joseph Bowie was inspired and with whom he played music. Their influences resound in his music. At JosephDistillery Joseph Bowie comes with his band Joey Blu & BlueZbone. This 'Roots-alter ego band' also consists of the brothers Jeffrey van Duffelen (drums), Sylvain van Duffelen (bass) and guitarist Patrick van der Hoeven. The roof of the Mirror Tent went down with this blues classics and funky blues style where no one could stand still! Dulfer also came to play ...




Let's be Gypsies


An instant Hot Club feeling is what Let's be Gypsies knows! Django Reinhardt, the Rosenberg Trio, they play the pearls from the Gypsy Jazz. They take you on a journey, the age-old family histories. The passion radiates when Roy de Rijke (solo guitar), Erik Koning (violin), Mike van Leeuwen (percussion guitar) and Ton Voskuilen (double bass) enter the stage.





Sister Sledge Next Generation


Camille Sledge (USA) toured the world with the world famous American band Sister Sledge, consisting of her mother Debbie Sledge and her sisters. Camille, herself phenomenal singer, born stage animal and photo model came specially to the Netherlands for an explosive concert at JazzDistillery 2017! Unforgettable hits like 'We are family' and 'We're lost in music' in contemporary versions will make the Schiedam vests shake. The versatile Camille Sledge, who also has several other bands and has mastered different styles to perfection, has now become a star. Sister Sledge Next Generation, with a phenomenal live band led by the Dutch top pianist, organist and arranger Bas van Lier. Van Lier was previously musical director at Debbie Sledge and spent many studio hours with the famous mother and daughter. A steaming and energetic concert with very well-known but also surprisingly new work. Invariably 'As soulful and funky as can be'.







It all started with a show on the occasion of Bob Marley's 25th anniversary in 2006. A group of befriended musicians and diehard Bob Marley fans including lead singer Junior Tecla and the then unknown singers Shirma Rouse and Giovanca, put their first tribute show in the Melkweg each other. Together with befriended colleagues like Typhoon and Beef, this evening the Melkweg completely turned upside down. That tasted like more! The band, now named Rootsriders, plays a lot, both at home and abroad. The current line-up with Mo Ali, Tamara Nivillac and Aldiner Laurent as lead and backing volcals accompanied great Jamaican reggae stars such as Maxi Priest, Gyptian and Gregory Isaacs. The band also releases their own material with the 'High On Life' single. It is, as it were, the result of 10 years of touring with Bob's material and what that meant for the musicians as a close-knit group. Just like Marley (without wanting to compare with him) they have tried to look further with this song than reggae alone. It has become an energetic, positive pop song. It marks the shift that the group wants to make to a new period in which there will be more room for their own material. Always reggae-influenced but in their own authentic way.





Joris Teepe - Steve Nelson Group (USA)


In New York they say 'The real deal'. Real jazz from the Big Apple. This way the music of Joris Teepe - Steve Nelson Group can best be described. Vibraphonist Steve Nelson played with the legendary Dave Holland's Quintet, but also with Kenny Barron, Bobby Watson, Mulgrew Miller, David 'Fathead' Newman, Johnny Griffin, and Jackie McLean. Bassist Joris Teepe was already known in the 90's in the New York Jazz scene. Joris Teepe played nine years in the band of Rashied Ali and six years with Benny Golson. Together they have been making music for 30 years. At the JazzDistillery these two great musicians from New York were accompanied by pianist Rob van Bavel and drummer Hans Braber who have been leading in the Netherlands for 30 years.




Ellen ten Damme


She writes her own songs, plays violin, piano and guitar and is probably one of the best singers of her generation. She has an intense voice that seems to be able to handle every genre, from rock 'n' roll to opera. She is a stage animal, has endless arsenal of theatrical means, including masquerades and fancy dress parties, handstands and cartoons, wigs and challenging dresses, cabaret, variety and acrobatics. Whether it is circus show Cirque Stiletto, performances at Pinkpop, Lowlands and Noorderslag or a concert with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. She is there and takes you to her world. The Mirror Tent was filled to the brim and it was visibly enjoyed and laughed.



Bart Wirtz


He is called 'The hope of the hip Dutch Jazz'. Saxophonist Bart Wirtz won several jazz prizes including the Erasmus Jazz Prize, Leiden Jazz Award, the Breda Jazz Prize and the Edison Jazzism Audience Prize for his album iDreamer. He has been part of the Artvark Saxophone Quartet for more than 10 years, plays in the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra and was (co-) founder and artistic director of Monsieur Dubois and The Young Sinatras (later The Very Next). With his fourth solo studio album Beneath The Surface alto saxophonist Bart Wirtz has taken a completely new direction. The blend of hip hop, rock, jazz and funk breaks with the sound of his earlier work.







Cape Verdean and Cuban music in an adventurous mix of jazz. CaboCubaJazz is a special group of musicians from Cuba, Colombia, the Netherlands and Cape Verde. Sensual melodies, beautiful harmonies and wonderful dance music. It is not without reason that we have chosen to conclude JazzDistillery with this melting pot of delicious music styles.

Master percussionist Nils Fischer, known from Timbazo and the Cubop City Big Band, founded the band together with Carlos Matos, ambassador of Cape Verdean music in Europe. The line-up is: Nils Fischer (percussion), Dina Medina (vocals), Alberto Caicedo (vocals), Pablo Martínez Hernández (trombone), Marc Bischoff (piano), Joe Rivera (trumpet), Yerman Aponte (bass), Armando Vidal ( drums / vocals). And the circle is complete with Dina Medina who currently lives in Schiedam! They are everywhere in the world and regularly in Havana. And now they were the spectacular end of JazzDistillery 2017.





Festival presenter Yvonne Keeley


Yvonne Keeley is a well-known name in the music industry. She grew up in a musical nest with parents John and Alice Paay. In the 70s she lived in London and worked on all the albums of her former partner Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel), but she also worked with famous names like Madeline Bell and Vicky Brown. It was also during that time that she met Scott Fitzgerald. They sang together 'If I had words', a number 1 hit in countries like Australia, England, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. In the early eighties she came back to the Netherlands and did the last Stars on '45 project with her sister Patricia Paay. Also unsuccessful: The Star Sisters sold no less than 4 million albums.

Yvonne then concentrated on presenting radio and TV programs. She presented her first own radio program for Cable One, the very first Dutch commercial radio station. She also presented the KLM Business Journal. She did a series of fashion programs for Sky Channel in England and she presented the news every day for three years at the regional broadcaster City TV. In the music program she produced for Radio Rijnmond from 1996 to 2004, she did not only interview people from the music, but Yvonne also started conversations with people like Pim Fortuyn and Hans Dijkstal. In short, a versatile professional who introduced our (inter) national guests with great enthusiasm during the JazzDistillery 2017.