Frans van Krugten



This Schiedam entrepreneur (NICOVERKEN) was one of the founders of MUSICDISTILLERY thirteen years ago. Originating from a musical family, he wanted to create a meeting place for musicians and music lovers. "We are a place where visitors and artists feel at ease and can enjoy top concerts. After organizing concerts for over a decade, we can speak of a successful concept!"

Nathalie Lans

Programmer and responsible for communication


First and foremost Nathalie Lans is a writer. The neerlandica is the owner and founder of communication agency FreeLans (1993). With her music company NL Kwadraat she speaks the language of music. "In my studio it states with big letters on the wall: 'Music is the literature of the heart.' And that's the way it is! Music is a great thing. It connects generations as well as cultures. Music is pure freedom. For the past eleven years I have done the communication and programming of MUSICDISTILLERY with great love. It is a blessing to work with musicians who are passionate, who share their gift for the full hundred percent. I want to share that love for music with the visitors of MUSICDISTILLERY."

Rob Roskam



Robert Roskam is the owner of Rijnmond Beeld & Geluid. He started in the seventies as a soundman for former band artists like Lee Towers. Rob also worked for international artists such as Don Mc Lean (American Pie) and the legendary Chic (Le Freak). At MUSICDISTILLERY he is the permanent contact person.technician for the sound reinforcement of the artists. "Under the slogan 'Music is the fastest drug' (thanks, Dirk) I get a lot of positive energy from the concerts and I am already looking forward to the many performances that will take place during the next edition of MUSICDISTILLERY."

Enno Lobo

Production leader


Enno Lobo, owner of 'Enno Lobo Works', comes from a theatre family and has been working in the art and cultural sector all his life. "Music has always played an important role in my life. Ever since we were young, we were taken to concerts and music shows." In addition, he has a lot of experience in catering and hospitality. "Seeing people enjoying themselves carefree, gives me great satisfaction!"