We ask our visitors to adhere to the following house rules:


  • Follow the instructions of the crew/security personnel.

  • Drug ownership / use is prohibited.

  • Battle, punch, or firearms are prohibited. Persons in possession will be immediately handed over to the police.

  • Identification is required at the request of the crew/security personnel.

  • Searches and bag checks are mandatory at the request of crew / security.

  • No unwanted intimacy, racism and annoying behavior.

  • No alcohol is sold to young people under the age of 18, identification is required until the age of 25

  • Bringing your own food and drinks is prohibited.

  • The use of recording equipment is only permitted for commercial use after written permission from the organization

  • Flyers or distributing samples are not permitted without written permission from the organization in advance

  • Bicycles and scooters need to be placed in the designated facilities. Bicycles that are attached to the fence barriers will be removed. The costs of defects such as broken bicycle locks are not reimbursed

  • Violations and crimes will be reported to the police

  • The organization and its employees are not liable for any form of personal and / or material damage that you incur as a visitor during your visit to MUSICDISTILLERY!

  • (Photo) recordings will be made during the event. Upon entering, visitors give the organization tacit permission to reproduce, make public and / or use these recordings for promotional purposes.